Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The Art of Costume Design for TV, Film and Theatre Essay

The Art of Costume Design for TV, Film and Theatre - Essay Example Unlike other fashion and costume designers, in most instances those who work within the media industry are not able to work totally in isolation with their own ideas, they cannot just work within their own imagination. There will also be a requirement for the finished costumes produced to have paid regard to the input from a number of other department and individuals within the particular Film, TV and Theatre project. Film, Television and Theatre production companies and organisations consider costume design to be an integral and important part of the process of production. However, each of these individual media elements will impose a different approach and requirement upon the designer. However, as is the case with an actor's poor performance, costume design and construction that falls short of the standard and quality demanded will also have the affect of devaluing the final production. Evaluate the effects of costume designing to the overall impact of the TV program, theatrical play and/or movie. - this can be done by conducting a series of researches on the point of view of the viewers Unlike other fashion design, costume design in Television, Film and Theatre has a far bigger responsibility in the areas that concern artistry and creativity. Concepts regarding costume design do not only consider what the designer thinks appropriate in the story. Other concerns such as the director's opinions, the playwright, as well as timely significance of the story must be considered in costume design. Costume designers have their individual definitions of the term. These definitions are probably based on their own experiences in the field. According to Deena Appel, Austin Powers' costume designer, there is a distinct difference between fashion design and costume design. However, ones sense of fashion is yet significant in costume design. Without which, the continuity of the costume with its characters and the story may not be given as much justice. "Costume design is very different from fashion design. You learn mostly by doing, in reality. You have to have an inherent sense of fashion, but also of the body, and of storytelling, and so much of what we do is about trying to help tell the story through clothes." (, para 11) Sue Blane, who is yet another

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