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Conrad's Heart of Darkness Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Conrad's Heart of Darkness - Essay Example Conrad wrote this book while he was adventuring Congo, which was a Belgian Colony. Conrad novel allude that there are flaws in the European imperialism because riots, abandonment of trade enterprises, and wars in their territories. The story in this novella focuses on Charlie Marlow who is one the main characters. Charlie Marlow is also the narrator of the story. This is despite the fact that anonymous storyteller appears on the onset of the novel. Charlie Marlow is an Englishman who has always had a passion to travel at different parts of the globe. Since he was young, Marlow used to look keenly at places in world map to adventure. These areas included even the weird ones such as North poles (Conrad 16). The author of this novel, Conrad Joseph has negative attitude towards imperialism. The mood of the novella is sympathetic and Conrad identifies with African natives. The main characters in this novel are Marlow, Kurtz, General Manager, Brickmaker, Chief accountant, and Pilgrims. Oth er characters in the novella comprise Cannibals, Russian trader, Helmsman, Kurtz’s African mistress, Aunt, Men abroad the Nellie, and Fresleven. Conrad uses these characters to expose the dark side of European colonization. Heart of Darkness looks at darkness at three levels namely, wilderness in Congo, European treatment of Africans, and darkness in human beings to commit atrocious acts of evil. Conrad uses a big river, which is an important tool for colonies to exert their power in different parts of the world. The picture that Marlow gives when he enters employment offices to sign contract in order to replace Fresleven is a depiction of how Europeans have scrambled to access varied areas. The map in the office in question containing different coloring such as green, yellow, blue, and other colors is a clear impression areas that Europeans have colonized (Conrad 25). Marlow secured a job with a Company as a captain to fill the space that Fresleven left after chief’s son stubbed while in Congo. Charlie Marlow’s journey is full of many encounters of brutality and inefficiency, which his new Company perpetrates. The natives of this region suffer under the ill treatment of agents of the company. The inhabitants have to overwork terribly despite the nastiness and cruelty of imperial companies. This is in regardless of the fact that number of Europeans is very small compared to that of inhabitants. Enigma and mystery give the novel its glamour and aura command. Joseph Conrad employs effectively unpredictability and situations that are very difficult for one to explain. The first pages of Conrad’s work opens with a character Charlie Marlow. Marlow gives a clear picture of England and explains to his colleagues in the ship that it was dull. Marlow continues to ponder on how the Romans got into Thames and how they faced the darkness. Marlow wondered how the Romans survived the life of wilderness, the forest, in the midst of cruel men (Conr ad 8). Conrad provides readers with a picture to follow of civilization. The author draws the attention of the audience on what will happen, when the characters such as Marlow comes across wild world. Conrad refers men in the ship as waiting for tide that has bones and resembles dominoes. This is prelude to the bones, which Kurtz and Marlow encounters later in the novel. For instance, Charlie Marlow found the remains of Fresleven who inhabitants killed after a quarrel ensued over hens. Conrad suggests that society must be very cautious on the

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