Monday, October 7, 2019

Software and Internet Industry in the Global Economy Assignment - 1

Software and Internet Industry in the Global Economy - Assignment Example In the internet industry players like Yahoo, and Bing has majority of market share, especially in search engine segment. Companies like SAP, Oracle, Sage, AG, etc are the successful players in the industry who provide business process solutions in production, marketing, finance, etc (Blythe, 2009). The political and legal factors are the external environmental factors which have a significant impact on the computer software and internet industry. The political factors ascertain the interest or focus of the government towards outsourcing information technology (IT) assistance, software, etc. This also affects the job opportunities and national income. The multinational software and internet companies operate from various countries, and regulations are developed for these companies by the government based on the existing legal framework. These are also known as cyber regulations. Companies failing to abide by the cyber guideline of different countries have also faced penalties like the cancellation of their license to trade in the respective country (Factor, 2013). Google faced pressure from the Department of Justice in order to abandon their search terms, and censor the search results from the Government of China. Apart from this, the demand of the government to abide by the privacy policies were also considered and in 2008, Google started responding to the concerns of the customers by adding a link to the home page that will directly take them to the privacy center and show Google’s policies for privacy and security. The political trend affects the subsidies, tax holiday, or rule relaxations, which also affect the sources of revenue generation for a country. Countries like India outsource maximum IT services for countries like US, UK, or Australia (Google, 2013).Google Inc considers mergers and accusations to be one of the ways to sustain in business. In this process, they purchase DoubleClick for $3.1 billion in 2007 and were also looking forward to buying out SimplyHired (Jackson, 2012).  

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