Saturday, October 12, 2019

Gay Parenting Essay -- Expository Adoption Gay Adopting Essays

Gay Parenting Steve Lofton and his partner, Roger Croteau live in fear each day of having their foster-son, Bert, taken away from them and placed with another family. Steve and Roger can not adopt Bert, who is 10 years old, because a Florida law banning gays from adopting prohibits it. Bert, along with four other children, has been in the care of Steve and Roger since he was an infant. If he is taken away from them, he will lose the only family he has ever known. Since June 1977, Florida has denied gays and lesbians from adopting children on the basis of morality and the supposed danger to the children (â€Å"Suit†). At that time there was press that gays were molesting and corrupting children. People today continue to believe this is true. Many other states ban gay adoptions on similar grounds. Some states, like Florida and Mississippi, have made this a formal law. Many people, especially family-values advocates, have negative and hostile views toward gays and lesbians. We can see that â€Å"homophobia is all around us† (Benkov 187). It is so pervasive that it is even institutionalized and made into laws. Although the gay movement has made some strides in making homosexuality more accepted in this country, there are still laws in the books that promote heterosexism, intolerance and discrimination. Laws that deny gays and lesbians the right to adopt children are unfair because they discriminate against homosexuals and deprive many children of suitable parents and potentially stable homes. Steve Lofton and his partner can not adopt their foster children because although they see themselves as a family, they are not considered one by the State of Florida. Many traditional-family advocates agree that a family cons... ...4-15. â€Å"Focus on the Family Gives Facts on Homosexual Adoptions.† LifeSite Daily News. 11 Nov. 2002 . Gay and Lesbian Family Values. 30 Nov.2002 . Let Him Stay. 23 Nov. 2002 . Ryan, Scott D. â€Å"Examining Social Workers’ Placement Recommendations of Children With Gay and Lesbian Adoptive Parents.† Families in Society: The Journal of Contemporary Human Services. 81 (2000): 517-27. Seita, John R. â€Å"In Our Best Interest: Three Necessary Shifts for Child Welfare Workers and Children.† Child Welfare: Journal of Policy, Practice, and Program. LXXIX (2000): 77-91. â€Å"Suit in Florida Challenges Anti-Gay Adoption Ban Run Date: 8/16/01.† 11 Nov. 2002 .

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