Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Concept of beauty Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Concept of beauty - Essay Example According to Winckelmann, Greek painting and sculpture was not too preferred or admired. However, the few who admired had great taste, leading to the endorsement of the works of Correggio in making the windows that covered the royal stables in Stockholm (Winckelmann, 3). There was an endorsement of some foreign artists who introduced foreign designs such as the Saxony. These foreigners had great tastes in their work and incorporated natural beauty, leading to the endorsement of their works that led to their firm establishment in Greek land (Winckelmann, 3). The strategy of gathering and display of great international artworks was used in the perpetuation of art, though it was brought down by the great works of Greek art masters that were imitated by many other artists in their artworks and sculpture (Winckelmann, 5). Winckelmann describes nature as the source of the purest art that was further advanced by many artists to increase tastes and preferences. He termed these types of artis ts as lucky, thereby asserting that good tastes in natural beauty originated from ancient Greek nature and history (Winckelmann, 5). ... This is portrayal of the perfect rules of art. Winckelmann emphasizes that there are clear negligence in any of the works by Greek artists, such as the addition of the dolphin to Medicean Venus combined with the playing children (Winckelmann, 7). Connoisseurs and imitators describe nature beauty as the most beautiful in the Greek masterpieces with some perfect additional forms of beauty (Winckelmann, 7). The ancient artworks are described as made by the mind lone, as per the teachings of an ancient interpreter of Plato. Winckelmann described the most beautiful being resembled of the Greek body as it resembled his/her sibling (Winckelmann, 7). The design of the Greek clothing was in accordance to the formative beauty of nature (Winckelmann, 9). According to Burke, artistic tastes and preferences depend on the reasoning levels in each individual (Burke, 19). He stated that there is diversity in reasoning, on the concept of beauty, though there are standards of reasoning and taste that are similar in all human creatures. On Burke’s argument to contrast beauty ideology to the concept of the sublime, he beauty as taking a hold on reason, passion or taste in order to maintain ordinary or natural correspondents of life (Burke, 19). This meant the definition of the beauty concept as dependent on the truth or falsehood in the terms of natural beauty. According to Burke, there is the settlement of certain maxims of right reasoning in the most ignorant humans, in the terms of beauty tastes and preferences. There must be improvement of the rude science of ignorance by the learned, through a system (Burke, 20). Difference in opinion is considered to have no important consequences due to the logic of taste,

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