Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Dictators essays

Dictators essays I believe that the way that dictators come to power is by showing a lot of nationalism. As they try to come to power they get the people to think that they will bring the best to the country. Once they are in power they use the army to control the citizens, the army doesnt fight back because they are being paid well. That causes more people to join the army and eventually the nation is controlled by the dictator and its army. Some people might think it is good because the county is developing faster and is getting more territory. And they dont care that with that you bring a lot of death. Then there are the people that think that it is very wrong to do what they do but because they have no way to stop it because of lack of power, they just learn to live with it. Another way dictators come to power is, if they have a lot of money and they control the economy of the country. They use that to make the people cooperate. And in others they dictator or leader makes the people have a lot o f nationalism so the people want him to stay In power, to be able to bring more power to the country. And some times the people just dont know that that leader is going to become a dictator so they put him in power and when it is his time to leave he uses the army as his own body guards. ...

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