Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Jaded sullenness Essay

Louisa is described as â€Å"struggling through the dissatisfaction of her face, there was a light with nothing to rest upon, a fire with nothing to burn, a starved imagination keeping life in itself somehow† this shows that because she has not been sang nursery rhymes or told fairy tales etc. that she has been mentally affected and a part of her is dying, and crying out to be ‘fed. ‘ The theme of fire is quite common, she has been described as fire a few times so far, the dying embers of fire represent her dying hopes of happiness, and the fires of Coketown chimneys that are frequently hidden beneath smoke represent her inward passions, and her emotions which she hides beneath a passive fai ade. Louisa was brought up on her father’s â€Å"facts† scheme. She was taught nothing but facts because her father did not think she needed imagination or fancy. This has made her unable to express her emotions and ignorant of how to act in relationships, she seems almost dead inside and is described as having â€Å"Jaded sullenness. † Dickens also states that she â€Å"Would have been self- willed†¦ but for her upbringing† which I think is how Dickens generally tries to bring her across throughout the book and that her upbringing had a huge impact on her and affected her very strongly. When we are first introduced to Louisa she is peeking in at the circus, â€Å"what did he behold but his own metallurgical Louisa, peeping with all her might through a hole in the deal board. † this is symbolic and shows that she is longing to experience more than just facts and science that she has been brought up with. Her father believes in teaching children â€Å"Nothing but facts† because he figures that you will never need fancy or imagination in the real world. She instinctively seeks out fun and fancy whenever she can, Dickens brings her across as a model reason why her father’s â€Å"facts facts, facts! † idea is not a good one. After she is caught peeking into the circus her father repeats, â€Å"What would Mr Bounderby say?† this affects Louisa and makes you wonder who Mr Bounderby is. Mr Bounderby is a powerful citizen of Coketown, he is a greedy capitalist and his name is slang for ‘cad’ which is what he is. He is attracted to Louisa and wants to marry her. He repulses Louisa and when he kissed her she looked away and rubbed her cheek for 5 minutes, when her brother, Tom says â€Å"You’ll rub a hole in yo ur face† she says that if he cut it out with a penknife, she wouldn’t cry.

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