Sunday, September 8, 2019

Globalization and Its Impact on Business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Globalization and Its Impact on Business - Essay Example The purpose of the project was meant to inform company B on the need to implement the best practices for communicating in a multicultural environment. The objectives of the project were implemented and this included the best practices and recommendations vital to achieving success in a multicultural environment. The conclusion was also included, which summed up the research report for practices and recommendations vital to achieving success when dealing with diverse cultures. I submit herewith a report on recommendations and the best practices for intercultural communication that Company B will employ. This will help the company to solve communication barriers; thus conducting business effectively in the internal markets. The main purpose of this report is to offer recommendations and best practices that Company B should employ in order to communicate effectively across diverse cultural backgrounds. Therefore, the company should employ effective practices for intercultural communication in China markets. Questions or any further information relating to any recommendation or practices raised in the project should be directed to me. However, questions of administrative nature may be directed to the managerial leaders of the company. The globalization era has altered the way companies carry out business and also communicates across diverse cultures. The Internet and current technology have paved way to new marketplaces, which enables companies to promote their business in the international or new geographic areas and cultures. The world demands marketing experts who are capable of recognizing the rising communication complexities across cultural borders. The intercultural communications are radically becoming significant in the current globalized world. This is especially to companies going global or those companies carrying out international business, as well as, handling customers from diverse cultural backgrounds.

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