Thursday, September 26, 2019

Health-related Products Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Health-related Products - Case Study Example An increasing score of people is always on the lookout for effective health-related products. Nike iPod sport kit enables the iPod to play any music that motivates the person to perform exercise in accordance with his/her physical condition. It is a perfect device for a health-conscious person who loves listening to music while working out, and who doesn't these days. So far we have been quite successful in following our mission, which is to provide the health-conscious individual with an entertaining exercise experience. Since our product is at the earliest stage of the product life cycle, informing the consumer about the practical benefits of the Nike iPod Sport Kit is critical. Hence, in order to increase the sales of the sport kit, it is mandatory to form a partnership with the gyms, which would hopefully be beneficial for all three companies. 1. As gyms pose the most dangerous threat to the sales of the Nike iPod sport kit, it would be wise to partner with them in order to get decent market publicity. Hence, Nike and Apple would be able to avail the opportunity of selling not only this device but also other products, to gym members and at the gym stores. On the other hand, gyms would also receive numerous benefits from this partnership. Originally unknown gyms partnering with Nike iPod would eventually, be known to be sponsored by Nike and Apple. They would be using these huge brand names in order to attract as many new members as possible. Furthermore, it would also be easier to maneuver the regular costumers of Nike and Apple, to gain memberships at their gyms. 2. There also needs to be a change in the consumers of Nike iPod sport kit. As males are the chief consumers of this product, the aim of this partnership is to convince females into buying this product. Young females of age 22 - 35 years of age are the secondary targets, as they already are members of various gyms. The primary targets are middle or upper class workingwomen, especially those involved in the corporate industry. Use of the product by corporate women would increase its exposure throughout the business industry, resulting in an instant acknowledgement of the innovative technology applied by Nike and Apple Inc. The popularity of this product would also give rise to the sales of other goods manufactured by these companies. A demand for these brand names would further rise in the common market. Advantages of Partnership: For Customers People exercising outside would be able to constantly monitor and regulate their physical state. They can avail the facilities of the gym even when it is not accessible to them for some reason. Holidays or early closing of the gym would not stop people from healthy monitored exercise. High accuracy of the device and its easy operation surpasses the gym equipment in usage. The technology of motivating the user by the choice of songs keeps him running everyday. For the Company The partnership increases exposure of the device to all regular exercisers working out in gyms. The ipod Nano gains further recognition in its quest to maintain its leadership in mp3 players. The best place to explain operation of the device is a gym as it can be practically

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