Tuesday, September 24, 2019

M8A1 Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

M8A1 - Term Paper Example ever, in the present, the need in developing this business plan is justified in that an individual must unmask all his true entrepreneurial aspirations. Planning and evaluations are take precedence in business decisions, such that during the planning process, issues such as employment should laid before hand and in a clear way on the table. Once such options are clear, the next step might involve evaluation of realistic goals given the available resources. Before a business plan is designed there is also the need to cement a business idea, such as the one proposed in this paper, and according to Hougaard (2005), a business idea must be innovative, fulfills the need of the customers, unique, has clear focus and provides a long term profitability. Â   Business models vary in as many as there are businesses all over the world, and different founders, hence different schools of thought towards business plans. A good business plan should be of a dynamic model addressing the following; market need, image, target group, and the mode of operations. The purpose of this paper is to prepare a business plan that involves the design of male official clothing wear here in the US, and then the manufacturing of the cloths in China, and then exporting them to a store in the United Kingdom using the finest materials and the finest minds in clothing design. The brand name for the company’s name for the product is a catchy phrase containing certain initials of the name of the author of this paper, MARASHI. The Business shall be registered as a limited company, and will enjoy all the trappings that accrue to limited liability companies. Ownership of the company shall initially be a private limited company with ownership drawn from family members and other select few friends. The proposed share capital for this venture shall consist of 100, 000 shares each valued at a nominal share price of $10. All the savings that have been accrued over the years by the author of this document

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