Monday, September 9, 2019

Work-Based Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Work-Based Assignment - Essay Example I currently hold one title with several different roles; multi-tasking is they tell us a wonderful thing. I am currently learning to be an Environmental Champion and have also recently been delegated Team Focal Point in the absence of my line manager. I am also a specialist in product knowledge, which allows higher personal performance when carrying out my duties. My title at E.On is Consumer Acquisition Advisor. My main duties concerning this title would be: To any customer, I am the last link between their old supplier (Powergen) and their new supplier. If they have any problems or concerns I will be the last person able to discover and understand what these may be - and where applicable, fix them. Every advisor who is winning customers back is vital to Powergen as sometimes mistakes can be made and people can be confirmed as leaving without giving their consent, this could be a case of fraudulent practice or more commonly a mistake between meter supply numbers. Without this last contact between a customer and a Winback advisor, it would be a lengthier and more detrimental process from a customer perspective. Representatives from other companies have misled sometimes customers and it is our job to alert them to this. If a customer still chooses to leave we will not force them to stay, but leave them with a positive final impression of Powergen in the hope they may return in the future. However, in some instances customers will choose t o stay and so it is our job to process this and advise customers on the best possible product whilst offering a top level service to cement a customers belief that Powergen is the supplier for them. The current situation is going into a Winback call blind. By this I mean we do not do a quote before ringing a customer. The other advisors and myself find that having enough knowledge behind the call can help to structure the call completely. For example, we operate on a truth basis so we will not blag a

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