Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Amy Tan’s A Mother’s Tongue

Amy Tan 's mother' s tongue, Amy Tan 's article Native Mother is aimed to show how hard it is when a person is raised by Tan' s mother who said one parent is limited English I am doing. Other people are disliking others. As Tan 's primary caregiver, her mother was an important part of her childhood, and she had a strong influence on how to write Tan. I grew up with her mother, she realized that the recognition of the human world primarily depends on the language spoken at home. Tale of Amy Tan Native language Today, many Americans speak English as the first language. But what makes us stand out is that it is difficult to find two people who speak exactly the same English. This is the discussion Amy Tan proposed in her mother tongue. As the first generation Asian American, Tan moved from China to Auckland, California and became a famous writer. - Amy Tan's Mother's Tongue Amy Tan's article Native Mother is how hard it is when people are raised by Tan's mother who said parents of limit ed English (36) brought up It aims to show. It may lead people to be badly judged by others. As Tan 's primary caregiver, her mother is an important part of her childhood, and she has a great influence on Tan' s composition style. The mother tongue of Amy Tan is in her mother tongue and Amy Tan talks about how language affects her life as she grows up. Through her sorrow, she explained her experience with her mother and Chinese to the audience, understand what she wants to do and what she wants to write. Author Tan wrote the book The Joy Luck Club and The Wife of The Kitchen God. She is an Asian American and my parents are from China, but I moved to Oakland, California. - English is an invisible door. Immigrants are outsiders. Native speaker is a gatekeeper. Regardless of whether the door is open or not, it is the responsibility of a broken English user to rely on their view. Sadly, as Tan's mother discussed in her article Native Language, in most cases the door is closed. Before th ey knew her, people treated her mother due to her wrong English. Tan sympathizes with his mother and other immigrants The article entitled 'Native language' by Amy Tan ended with her remarks. I know that I succeeded when my mother completed my book and made judgments that I can understand. (39) This article focuses on the prejudice of Amy and her mother. As she said that English was inappropriate, Erie 's mother was despised by her life. As she is Chinese, Amy protects her mother's broken English, her family's simple English becomes an intimate language, and it has become a different kind of English related to family conversation (36 ). She rarely knows that it is not only English in fact. Amy Tan provided enough resources to display more content.

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