Saturday, August 10, 2019

Organisational Behaviour Literature Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Organisational Behaviour - Literature review Example In this situation, it is the duty of company to motivate them and make them work in the previous pace. They might think of themselves as victims who would work on whatever the organizations assign them to do as they consider it as the company’s grace. If the employees work in this state of mind then it would be very difficult for organization to achieve the objective of downsizing (Wagner, 1991). However, a smaller proportion of people take it as exciting and career expanding because they become optimistic about themselves, optimistic in a way that there must be some extraordinary quality in them; this did not let them go out of the organization. Nevertheless, one cannot deny that larger proportion of people is always in fear and organizations must take some impactful steps to bring them on the right track. Alcoa Inc. an aluminum producing company faces the same situation during many mergers and other developmental efforts. It is one of the largest creators of air pollution in united states proving to be harmful for many human lives therefore it became urgent and serious for it to take a step. Alcoa therefore invested $330 million in a plant to help reduce the emissions such as nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide. As one can see that $330 million is not small amount of money, therefore they must have thought of implementing downsizing in the company making many of their employees leave the jobs. Moreover, in 2006 installed a new plant in its branch of Swansea again requiring a huge amount of money generated by reduction in administrative costs. A joint venture of Alcoa and Alumina Limited might have caused the need for downsizing too. All these instances left Alcoa’s remaining employees with a low morale and spirit to work and managers with a great worry and apprehension of low productivity. However, one should not lose hope keep striving to achieve the best. Firstly, knowing the reasons that make employees not feel easy after downsizing would be a great help in understanding their emotions and treat them in view of that. One of the reasons is that they do not have interest in learning new skills because they assume that this will increase their workload. Naturally, no one likes to work more than he was doing earlier with a good salary. However, organizations need to change this behavior of employees buy assuring them that new skills will work in their favor, making them more profitable for the company and provide them with more chances of personal growth in the industry. Additionally, they would get more compensation with higher profits ultimately building their self-esteem and self-security. In any case, employees should feel that they contribute in the growth and development of the company this would stimulate them to work more passionately and ardently. Another reason of breaking of trust and emotions of employees is that they have lost some of very close colleagues and friends. Some might feel guilty that some of their friend lost their jobs because they were give preferences over them. All these problems occur because different people react differently towards change. Some have difficulty in accepting the change; others will find great opportunities behind them. Change, which is demolishing for ones, might prove to be exciting for others. Some express their anger and frustration, while others fight with it silently. Some get release after complaining whereas others talk a lot but actually are encouraging the

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