Friday, August 23, 2019

Argument Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Argument Analysis - Essay Example The analysis of the advertisement shows that the messages in the video are crucially important to be understood by drivers and people who are going to drive and these points are presented effectively in the advertisement. The video describes a situation when two drivers are about to make a crash situation on a road, but suddenly time stops and the drivers go out of their cars. The driver who made the mistake asks the one who drives too fast to slow down, but he can’t because he drives too fast and there is so little time and distance between their cars that there’s nothing anybody can do to prevent the crash. The one who made the mistake shows that there is his little son on the back seat, but the fast driver realizes that the alarm conditions were his fault because if he hadn’t driven too fast they could have avoided the crash and there would be enough time for the father and son to skip on the road before him. So finally the drivers get back to their cars and the piece of the crash is shown for a moment. The advertisement finishes with a black screen and the message of the video appears â€Å"Other people make mistakes. Slow down†. The advertisement isn’t designed to sell anything, it is socially important: its ethos aims to evoke people’s responsibility and capability of thinking about others while driving, because we all live in the world where there are other people around us and it is a part of ethics to include other people’s human factor in our decision making. The ethos sends the important moral message that it is crucial to follow your civil duty, that’s why the advertisement was made based on touching and strong drivers’ feelings of grief and regret. As far as the advertisement is sponsored by New Zealand Transport Agency it becomes clear that it aims to decrease the amount of car accidents on roads and the agency is also responsible for this. The target audience for this

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