Sunday, August 11, 2019

First Day on the job Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

First Day on the job - Essay Example This includes security measures outside the office like parking facility and security guards. There should be no discrimination in the office both male and female employees should be treated equally. Power of recognition – acknowledgement is a very important motivator. If the employees are praised and their efforts acknowledged, they will work hard and feel better about themselves (Smith & Mazin, 2011 p.90). Importance of incentives – incentives given to employees should have a monitory value. Incentives are categorized into praise with physical form. This is a reward for a job well done. This has looked down upon by most managers, but it has been proved that it increases employees’ sense of worth in relation to the completed work. These physical incentives could be shirts, company logo, or even business card holders. Employees effort should be recognized no matter what incentive is given to them whether through small office gifts or verbally. Power of praise – all the manager must be well informed that leadership and fairness alone cannot encourage their staff to work hard. Each and everyone feels good and determined when appreciated. When praise and affirmation is given to an employee after doing something, he/she will work harder to receive same appreciation next time. Power of recognition – if the management praise and acknowledge the efforts of employees they will feel better and work with one spirit. This will improve the quantity and quality of production, which will automatically increase the profits of the company. Safety measures – when employees are provided with maximum security, they will work hard even up to late hours knowing they have enough security. This will enable employees to trust the management and the company as whole. It will enable the company to run continuously which will lead to continuous production. All the employees both male and female will be proud of themselves in the office as they are treated

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