Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Assignment built around the outputs of the 16PF5 questionnaire and Essay

Assignment built around the outputs of the 16PF5 questionnaire and Belbin Self Perception Inventory - Essay Example I opted for the latter as it suited my requirements. Along with my studies, I gained experience related to the course. The most valuable experience was my 3-month stint with a US hospital in the operations and maintenance of their essential building systems. I also received an exposure to diverse backgrounds and culture, thereby enriching my experience. My greatest challenge was to obtain a job that would help me work on environmental protection. I did find one as a design engineer after the completion of the diploma. My role was to improve the way the buildings operate and I derived immense satisfaction in this role. Then came another turning point when, along with the engineering background, I wanted to equip myself with managerial abilities and hence decided to pursue a Masters course in building services engineering management. However, due to financial constraints, I have not been able to complete this course yet. Challenges provide us strength and hence, when my job was termina ted in 2009 at a contracting firm, I seized the opportunity in a government initiative and enrolled myself at the Project Management Programme. This was precisely what I was keen to pursue – learn the techniques in the management of projects. Buildings are essentially projects and this complimented my background in engineering. At each stage – when I was learning and when I had to take vital decisions – I gained immensely. While the formal learning was in the technology, I also acquired the ability to effectively communicate and negotiate. I acquired time management skills, team dynamics and I also learned to work with minimum supervision. At each stage of transition, I gained more confidence not just in my abilities in the job, but also to make the right decisions for my career. I did not have any major transitions in job as all the jobs were related. This made adaptation to the next job easier as in each job I worked in planning, designing

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