Saturday, August 10, 2019

Economic revolution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Economic revolution - Essay Example The new system aimed to represent every social group in administrating the interaction as it directs the new economic relations that resulted from social production. This had then paved the way to fundamental changes in humanity. Man’s primitive individualistic nature had made the development into a society quite a struggle. On the contrary his weakness and egotistical character drive him to acquire help that oblige him to cooperate with the same specie in order to survive. This was very evident in the ancient culture wherein food serves as their main necessity that binds individuals into a hunting tribe. But with the changing world, man’s needs and desires likewise moves toward something higher. As civilization advances man’s original nature was inevitably revealed, exposing a self-centered creature that he actually is. If individualism would prevail, diversity and disorganization would surely disrupt the society including its fundamentals such as industrialization. With that danger, man had come up with ways to prevent such disaster. Tradition had been used to preserve the society by obliging the succeeding generations to adhere to the previous kin’s occupation. At some part, it had to use authoritarian rule to defend its existence forcing people to work on their assigned task; this greatly refers to politics. Then came â€Å"market system† courtesy of economics. Market system secured the existence of the society by giving liberty to its people to do what they think would lead to their monetary advantage. The idea of gain lures its people to follow a central guiding rule without the need for tradition or authority. Being a systemic process that promotes interaction between its people as buyer or seller it had succeed to operate effectively into a social framework. Intelligently dealing with man’s individualistic nature it creatively answers the problem of

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